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At Dragon Pearl, we believe that the dining ambiance is as crucial as the food you eat for a truly, gratifying culinary journey.

Hence, we have wholeheartedly invested into creating an alluring, captivating atmosphere, adorned with wooden architecture and furniture crafted from reclaimed ancient ship wood. Stroll into an enhancing space that elevates your dining experience to new heights.

This unique wood is sourced from retired ships. With its natural and weathered imperfections, each piece exudes an aura of history and intricate charm.

They are mainly composed of century-old trees such as Catalpa, Queensland Austin, Ironwood, Stone Vertebrae, Teak, Lychee, Elm, Pine, and more.

After decades and centuries of water immersion and being washed by waves, the wood develops a waterproof, anti-moth, anti-insect effect and becomes amazingly tough and wear-resistant.

By using ancient ship wood, we turn what would have been wasted wood into treasure for the eyes.

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